Tully’s Mill Pond is a true hidden gem with picturesque views of Tully Mountain, the rich green countryside, and the breathtaking fall foliage. All of which overlooks the neighboring pond and stream that flows around and underneath the beautifully restored mills restaurant, banquet hall and country store. 

    The original building was first used in the 1700’s as a saw mill powered by the water of the nearby pond and stream. This geothermal hydro power is still utilized today by the restaurant to provide heating and cooling for the building. 

    The restaurant and banquet hall pay tribute to this rustic setting with the high open beam ceilings, antiques and relics from the original mill. Repurposed wood, stonework, barrels and indoor fountain adds to the charm of this functional museum and truly makes you feel at home. 

    The Tully Mill is the perfect spot for your next wedding, party, or just a day away from it all and a delicious meal.